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Roselyn Jewell - unFocused

Roselyn Jewell enjoys writing everything from clean romances with great plots to books that would make even sailors blush! Roselyn's husband enjoys helping her "research," her children will never know about her novels, and her many siblings will never let her live them down! She currently has 7 books published, and many other books in various stages of publication, so stay tuned for more!

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Roselyn Jewell
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Reviewed By Caitlyn Neilands

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A seventeen-year-old attempts to navigate between the needs of the masses and her own desires in a depleted, futuristic America. 

In The Roving: unFocused, Roselyn Jewell explores the possibility of a futuristic, post-Pandemic America in which the United States, now simply called “The Nation”, provides for all of its citizens in an attempt to repopulate and remain organized following a disaster that has wiped out much of the population. The novel follows Hilary Larkin, who has turned seventeen and has received her Career Assignment and Coupling Assignment. Hilary is denied her number one career assignment pick of Aeronaut, and is instead placed as an Armistice Officer-in-training. Her mentor, a prominent detective by the name of Detective Serrine, makes a deal that he will put in a good word for her to become an Aeronaut if she can solve a baffling case in which cameras are being placed in various private and public areas, which is now illegal in The Nation. While simultaneously dealing with the mindboggling case, Hilary is also ostracized by the other girls in her dorm, having been accused of homosexuality. In this post-Pandemic society, the need to repopulate overtakes the desire for love, thus rendering homosexuality taboo and un-patriotic. Hilary questions her feelings regarding other girls, denying any possibility that she may be a homosexual while her anguish increases as she and her Coupling Assignment, Zach, continue to butt heads, all as a much larger plot against The Nation unfolds.

Jewell has been able to weave details about this futuristic society with such fluidity that the reader is never jarred from the narrative, but instead remains solely invested and enthralled with this new world and its characters. With a main character who agrees with The Nation, Jewell’s take on dystopic literature is fresh, while simultaneously relevant with the question of gay rights over the opinions and needs of the masses. 

Aimed at teens, but a choice read for teens and adults alike, Unfocused is perfect for a thrilling edge-of-your-seat read.