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Literary Agent List

"Apex's list of literary agents is a godsend. With over a thousand agents at my disposal, it was easy to find the agency that's just the right fit for my book - and I got a book deal less than a month later. For only $10, this is the best value on the planet." Jefferson Cheeks, author of Shattered Deception

Navigating through the wide-ranging sea of literary agents can be quite daunting - not to mention expensive. Whether you're an aspiring author or a seasoned scribe, as you search for just the right agent for your book, you could end up spending hundreds of dollars on so-called "expert guides" and "detailed databases" with only a few dozen names, all of which yield little to no results.

We're here to help! We've compiled a comprehensive list of more than 1400 literary agents who can help turn your publishing dreams into a reality. We've honed our list to include trusted agents ideally positioned to respond favorably to your queries. Our list also includes agents who can sell your book in foreign markets, to movie and TV studios, and other subrights areas. Each agent/agency listing features detailed contact info, genres of focus (e.g. romance, YA, nonfiction, etc.), and recent sales success stories - all for only $10!

* Please note: Due to the ever-changing landscape of the publishing industry, some of the names and contact info for specific agents may have changed. If you notice they have, please contact the agency they work(ed) for (which will be listed) for further assistance.

Literary Agent List - $10

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