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Old Ways And New Days
Old Ways And New Days
Michael Embry
Wings ePress
ISBN: 9781613097632
Reviewed By Adrienne Lawson

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You’ve invested nearly 30 years in a career you’ve given your all to, then you’re suddenly forced to retire…you try to reconnect with your old environment, your old haunts, but you find everything has drastically changed…you struggle to adapt to the newness of your surroundings, then you find yourself swept up in a heinous crime wave that culminates in a tragic murder…

Welcome to John Ross’ world. An experienced newspaperman, John struggles to make sense of his life – and life in general – after he walks out of the doors of the Post Chronicle for the last time. His subsequent experiences aren’t very different from many retirees – forced or otherwise – but when a series of break-ins occur in his neighborhood, John bands together with his fellow neighbors to discover the culprit, leading him down a rather dangerous path he surely couldn’t have seen coming.

Such is the essence of Old Ways and New Days, the latest offering by author Michael Embry. An engaging, truly enjoyable tale, Old Ways and New Days is bolstered by a host of unique characters – including the furry, four-legged kind. Embry does a seamless job of intertwining the various players on his literary stage, all of whom serve to drive along a strong central story line centered on the inimitable John Ross. The primary appeal of Embry’s tale is the salient way in which it highlights the viability of post-retirement life. In a society obsessed with devouring its young, Old Ways and New Days offers a refreshing reminder that older can often be, simply, better.

The prolific author of a host of different titles, Embry continues to show his literary chops with Old Ways and New Days. A satisfying read.