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Take 5 - Leon Puissegur

Just how much of an author's life is captured in the pages of his book? What's it like to work in the Louisiana oil fields? "Take 5" with award-winning author Leon Puissegur below and find out:

1) Just how much of your own life is captured throughout the pages of The Oil Man?

A lot of what I did while working in the oil fields of Louisiana are reflected in the main character and his way of working and solving problems.

2) Are we destined to see the big screen adaptation of the book someday?

I have been told through a couple of reviews that the book would make a fantastic film, but no one has called about it as of yet. I do look forward to that happening one day.

3) Without giving too much away, what can readers look forward to in the sequel?

I have been going over the idea of a sequel many times and have begun work on it twice but did not like the way I started them. I may begin the sequel this summer since I am looking at a different idea to begin a sequel.

4) What was it like to work in the Louisiana oil fields?

Work inn the oil field is hard, but the reward of smelling fresh crude oil is unlike anything I have ever done yet. The work begins early in the morning and continues for the entire time, 24 hours a day everyday, until the drilling has reached the goal or a test is made to determine if it is worth drilling further.

5) Which 3 words best describe Leon Puissegur?

Wild, thinker, sometimes spacey.

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