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Virtual Author Assistants
Marriage, children, jobs - both full-time and part-time - with so much claiming your attention every day, it's a wonder how you manage to get any writing done, much less promote your book to the masses. With more than 1 million new books released in the U.S. alone each year, the publishing world has never been more crowded and competitive. Without the right kind of help, authors are all too often left in literary obscurity.

We're here to help! Through our newly created Author Assistant program, we'll provide you with all the help you need to accomplish the tasks you simply don't have the time to complete. This frees you up to focus on what you do best: writing memorable stories for your readers to appreciate.

Here's only some of what our highly dedicated author assistants can do for you:

- Assist in all areas of book preparation (beta reading, cover design, formatting, copyright registration, printing, etc.)
- Craft a customized query letter for your book, then submit it to 1400+ literary agents (we'll provide both the list and labor free of charge)
- Research potential publishers to find the best fit for your book, if you'd prefer to submit your manuscript directly
- Upload your book to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other retail platforms, if you prefer to self-publish
- Create a customized marketing plan on behalf of your title (blog tours, press releases, contests/giveaways, book trailers, author takeovers, cover reveals, etc.)
- Contact reviewers & bloggers and forward copies of your book for review
- Contact media outlets to arrange interviews and other appearances
- Create and manage a website for you and your book
- Create and manage social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to help you keep in touch with your readers
- Create a customized media kit for you and your book
- Research seminars, conferences, and other networking opportunities for you and your book
- Research and enter your book in awards competitions, matching the right categories for your title

Of course, we'll evaluate the specific needs you have in order to craft a personalized approach to your book and promotional efforts, all designed to maximize your time and resources.

The standard rate for our author assistant services is $40/hour; however, we offer a special block rate of $179 for 5 hours of assistant services. Also, as this is a new endeavor we've just launched, our first 10 clients will receive our popular Peak "Above The Fold" Package free of charge, which includes all of the following:

- Detailed bio
- Comprehensive interview
- Book ordering info
- Display of your book cover/trailer
- Link to your personal website
- Links to your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
- A customized, SEO-enhanced press release announcing your feature syndicated to hundreds of media outlets worldwide
- Your feature posted to our Facebook & Twitter profiles (10,000+ friends/followers)
- Permanent link to your "Above The Fold" feature

Best of all: you can pay for our author assistant services using our new PayPal Credit option, which requires no down payment and gives you up to 6 months to pay off the balance in full. Meanwhile, your assigned assistant will commence work on your behalf immediately.

Contact us today and let us help you announce your book to the world!

Author Assistant Services - 5 Hours: $179
(via PayPal Credit: no down payment,
6 months to pay full balance)

Author Assistant Services - 5 Hours: $179
(regular payment)

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