A Computer Programmer’s Guide To Training Your Puppy

You need to think of how you will train your puppy, how you will keep your dog happy, and how you will teach them to live in your house comfortably. Most computer programmers have the Type A personality that allows them to be good at programming. However, you need to learn how to train a dog using this personality. There are a few steps listed below that will help you train your dog to be happy and healthy in the house. 

1. You Need A Dog Crate 

You need to keep on a schedule, and your dog needs to be on a schedule. The dog crate is the place that your dog will sleep, rest during the day, and go when they know they need to be away from anyone who is in the house. Someone who is trying to train their dog needs to use the crate to get them to go to sleep. The crate should be very comfortable, and the dog should have all their favorite toys and trinkets in there (read more on finding the right one). 

The dog crate that you have chosen should be very comfortable, and the create should have pillows or blankets that they like. There are many dogs who will not sleep until they have the right things, a space that is comfortable, and a crate that is not too far from you. 

2. You Need To Teach Them The Eat At The Right Time 

You need to teach your dog that you eat at the same time every day, and they need to know that they will get food at that time. You could feed them on your own schedule, or you could use a food dispenser that will give them the food that they need. This means that the dog gets used to this schedule. They are not asking you for scraps from the table, and they might go rest in their crate because they have already eaten. 

3. You Need To Be Careful About Furniture 

You must teach your dog that they will not be able to get on all the furniture. You should have one piece of furniture that they can go to that will make them feel like they are a part of the family. That one piece of furniture is the place that they go when they want to relax, and it could even be your chair. By doing this, you are not allowing them to get on all the other furniture because you want that furniture to stay in great condition. Every person who comes over will know that the dog does not get on the furniture they are using, and it is very easy for you to snuggle with your dog if they are used to sitting with you only in one place. 

4. You Should Teach Them About Loud Noises 

You must teach your dog about how to respond to loud noises. The dogs thart are barking at loud noises are often barking because they are trying to protect you. Your dog needs to be corrected every time they bark at a loud noise. You need to give them a reason not to bark by explaining what the sound is. You should give them a treat when they stop barking, and you can teach them how to behave when people come over. This is the time when you teach them how to deal with people, and they will not jump on people when they have been trained to do this. 

5. Wrapping Up 

The dogs that you are training in your house will learn how to live comfortably if you have used your computer programming skills to your advantage. You should talk to the dog about how they can sleep well, when they eat, and how they should respond to loud noises. You need to teach your dog what you want them to do in the house, and you must apply a schedule to them so that they will stick to that schedule every day.