About Us

Today starts like any other, I am making my units. What is a unit of day you may wonder? Well, I made them up a long time ago to get thru my daily schedule. I use my units to calculate time for each step of my day.

Example: Unit one, wake up. In this unit I wake up, I shower, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, clean breakfast, get dressed.

That makes up my wake up unit.

Then comes unit two: the work unit, I sit at my home office and do my computer programming work. I pass the time with being efficient and fast as possible. I like to write the software, but I am not a specialist in any field.

Unit three: break time for my break I always have a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich, with apple slices. A cold glass of milk and one cigarette, but only one.

I stopped smoking years ago, but to keep me motivated I let myself know that I still get one a day every day, no more no less.

Unit four: back to work, I sit again an write my software this is my worst unit of the day. I hate until four, I feel tired and bored. I am hoping during unit four someone will call, but they never do, not even my mother.

Unit five: get ready for supper and a good movie, right now I am watching the walking dead. Sometimes I pretend to be Rick, the guy everyone looks up to the guy who always has someone to protect, someone to talk to. Then I doze off. There is no unit six. The life of a computer programmer is a lonely one.